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Today’s Moving Tip: Have a list

Creating a numbered list of everything you are moving assures that you do not forget to take anything, and it’s a terrific way to plan what things goes together instead of just dumping several things as you can into one box.  This can also make unpacking less complicated. You can easily check the items that you wanted to pack off your list to find out if they came.  Read more

Knysna burning outreach

In June we received some desperate news that Knysna was on fire and people had lost their homes. During this moment when South Africans pulled together to assist our fellow-citizens, we were extremely grateful to be in a position to assist. Read more

Sodwana Bay Outreach – June 2015

On the 12th of June 2015, Desiré (owner of Girls on the Move), her family and Jerry Selwane from SARAC set off to Sodwana Bay to help the locals with their furry friends. Sodwana Bay has a problem in that there are no vets or animal shelters (that we could find) to help the community with the upkeep and protection of their animals. Read More

Girls On The Move

Winter is coming and some of us still need to move in these cold times. We can not promise warm weather when you move but what we can promise is a good experience and as little stress as possible.