Today’s Moving Tip: Have a list

moving packing imageCreating a numbered list of everything you are moving assures that you do not forget to take anything, and it’s a terrific way to plan what things goes together instead of just dumping several things as you can into one box.  This can also make unpacking less complicated. You can easily check the items that you wanted to pack off your list to find out if they came.  [dt_button url=”https://girlsonthemove.co.za/moving-tips-packing.html%20‎” style=”color-primary” size=”btn-sm” skin=”dark” target=”_self”]Read more[/dt_button]

Number or label your boxes to make sure you know what’s what when it’s time to throw open the boxes. If you’re moving in stages, like when you have to take temporary residence and place some items in storage…  you might also want to put unique or numbered labels on the boxes. This may seem extremely time consuming, but packing correctly will be worth every effort once you’re in your new home.

Moving is one of the most vulnerable moments in a person’s life, and therefore you need to be able trust the people you hire for packing and moving your stuff. From moving big furniture pieces to wrapping delicate items, the trained professionals at Girls On The Move handle everything with care and safety. Most of the movers and packers handle materials roughly and haphazardly. But, at Girls On The Move, we provide extra soft and feminine touch to handle your belongings with respect and safety.

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A bit about us

There are several moving companies in Johannesburg and some have been around for a long time. When relocating you would like your household goods to get to their destination in one piece. Without the aggravation of lost and broken items. Girls on the Move have been helping people in Johannesburg move stress free and with ease. Give us a call today and let us make your move as easy as pie.

Moving can be extremely stressful! Here are a few tips about packing all of your inventory. It’s usually the most time-consuming part of the entire furniture removal process. Whether you’re just moving down the road or going to need long distance furniture removal services.